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New Technology Robot Tank to challenge US Military & NATO power

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New robot tank technology might soon be posing new challenges to US Military and NATO power, given how advanced technology is.

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A tank is a large vehicle that is heavily armored and armed with a large tank gun. They are designed for front-line combat and fire heavy artillery. Modern tanks have been upgraded to carry large-scale canons in a rotating gun turret, capable of rapid firing. Combined with armor, operational mobility due to the use of tracks rather than wheels, propulsions systems and weaponry, tanks are some of the best tactical weapons as they perform well in both defensive and offensive positions.

Army tanks have been around since World War I. They were first used by the British Army in the 1916 Battle of the Somme, and were named “tanks” in an attempt by the British to conceal their true purpose. In the interim between World War I and II, other countries began building on the basic army tank, making their own upgrades and improvements. Germany used tanks in their infamous blitzkrieg or lightning strikes, where they used masses of tanks, infantry, artillery and air strikes to break through enemy defences and tamp down any resistance to their power.

During the Cold War, armouring tanks changed to provide more protection against attacks, as well as gun technology for tank weaponry. In the 21st century however, as more effective means of addressing conflict have been invented, the tank has somewhat fallen from general military use.

Now, tanks appear to be making a reappearance but in robot versions, as scientific breakthroughs make it a possibility. Manned by remote or machinations, robot tanks will no longer have to risk human lives and will be more resistant to attacks, while performing better in combat – something that the US military, along with everyone else in the world, would welcome were it on their side.

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