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One of The most Advanced Submarines in the World The US Navy USS Minnesota (SSN-783)

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The video, from Militaryhack Force, gives a look at the US Navy USS Minnesota (SSN-783) – one of the world’s most advanced submarines.

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The USS Minnesota is shown cruising through the ocean with only its top visible. The camera goes inside the submarine, to the control room, the kitchen and mess where soldiers are dining, a fitness room where soldiers are working out, and back to where soldiers are manning monitors and navigation systems.

Lieutenant Neil Greenland is interviewed, whose job is managing contacts for officers on deck. He is asked why they wear different ball caps, and he says it’s a “sub thing,” because they’re submerged and no one can see them so it’s a morale thing. They also use tennis shoes because they’re soft-soled and noise is prohibited on the submarine as any noise could easily be picked up by others and could give away their location.

Next is Randy Mixon, who is co-piloting and whose job is to shift water around from tank to tank, run the ventilation system and so on. He’s been on the ship for a year and a half and was one of the first to join when the submarine was first launched and he says they’re waiting to be commissioned. He says the new systems needed some training as most of them are now touch-screen and more advanced so it took some getting used to compared to the systems on the ships he used to be on.

The camera continues to focus on the activities in the control room and on how the officers and crew are handling the USS Minnesota and steering her.

The USS Minnesota (SSN-783) is a fast attack submarine, the 10th of the planned 48-boat Virginia-class. It is the third United States Navy vessel named for the state of Minnesota, and the first to bear the name since 1921. Minnesota was laid down on 20 May 2011, and christened on 27 October 2012 in a ceremony attended by many top ranking officials in the U.S. Navy and Congress.

On 6 June 2013, Huntington Ingalls Industries announced that Minnesota had been delivered to the Navy, nearly 11 months ahead of schedule. Minnesota was commissioned on 7 September 2013, but has spent little time at sea as she has been in port undergoing repairs for almost 2 years. A defective part was discovered, due to poor welding. The same issue has been discovered on two other boats in the class.

The Navy is now examining other ships for the same issue and the U.S. Justice Department is investigating the contractor responsible for the problems.

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