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OX: A Flat Pack Truck That Carries More Than an F-150 and Takes 12 Hours to Build

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This video from 4 Wheel Online shows The OX – a Flat Pack truck from Global Vehicle Trust that shows just what innovation and creativity can do to advance efficiency in transportation. The Flat Pack truck can carry more than a Ford F-150 can for just a fraction of the cost, and takes only an astounding 12 hours to build. GVT says they hope this vehicle can open avenues to help developing countries.

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Ken explains that around the world, the primary problems facing transportation manufacturers and consumers alike are cost, availability and difficult repairs. These prevent people from even owning vehicles in the first place, which means transporting basic needs like food, water, medicine, housing supplies are done on foot. Even getting children to school entails walking long distances.

GVT thinks their all-terrain flat pack truck can address these problems. The company says like in Africa, where 10% of the world’s population lives, there has never been a vehicle specifically designed to suit their needs. The ability to quickly, easily and cheaply move goods is a must for the countries here.

The OX is what a truck would look like if Ikea designed it. A standard shipping container can fit six OX trucks, meaning availability in difficult-to-reach areas can be solved. The design of the truck is dictated by the constraints of flat packing, with flat surfaces all over the vehicle. It fits three in the cab, with the driver in the middle, and runs on an ultra-reliable 2.2-liter diesel engine. The engine produces 100 HP and 229 feet of torque.

The truck is modular, too. In a prototype, ten people can sit side by side on its back. A canvas top stores in a storage area under the front seats, and it has a tailgate that turns into a ramp. To keep things simple, the OX is only 2-wheel drive. Through clever ideas, GVT was able to enable it with most of the attributes of 4-wheel drive, without the fuel consumption and complexity.

The OX is also totally capable in off-road environments, and has a ground clearance of 10 inches. It weighs about 3,500 lbs. and has a payload capacity of 4,400 lbs. When empty, the weight distribution is about 70-30, but when it’s full, the OX glide suspension helps the distribution even out.

GVT is currently looking for investors, and hope that their next round can help them build their next prototype and bring the project to completion.

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