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Refueling Gigantic Aircraft Carriers With Millions $ of Oil

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The video, from Daily Military Defense and Archive, shows sailors and Marines conduct fuel replenishment at sea aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. During this replenishment, oil, equipment and food were transferred. The replenished oil will be widely used for the aircraft aboard the USS Nimitz.

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The footage begins with several crew members on board wearing life vests. Several aircraft can be seen on board. A second ship pulls up alongside the warship, and a rifle with one end of a line is aimed at the ship. The line is let loose from one ship to the other, linking them. Crew members on the USS Nimitz pull on their end, and a pulley system drags several hoses along the line from the refueling vessel to the warship. Supplies follow on the pulley – crates containing goods. They are transferred in batches of two along the pulley lines.

Soldiers pull on large nozzles, attaching them to the warship. Oil is transferred through these nozzles and the hoses that were pulled from one ship to the other earlier.

The video also include footage of several aircraft landing and taking off from an aircraft carrier, and maneuvering to park. A helicopter is also seen dropping off supplies as a crew member gives instructions from the ground.

Replenishment at sea (RAS) is also called Underway replenishment (UNREP). It is a method of transferring fuel, ammunition and cargo from one ship to another while underway. There are several modern methods to replenish. The first, seen in the video, is alongside connected replenishment (CONREP), which is the standard method. The supplying ship holds a steady course and speed and the receiving ship comes alongside it. A gunline or pneumatic line thrower is fired, which pulls a messenger line across and uses a pulley system to transfer items.

Vertical replenishment (VERTREP) is when a helicopter lifts cargo from the supplier and carries it to the receiving ship, but this is only used for goods and not fuel or liquids. The earliest type of replenishment, astern fueling, is rarely used today as it requires the receiving ship to follow directly behind the supplying ship. The supplier throws a marker buoy into the sea, and the receiver takes station with it. the supplier trails a hose that the receiver takes and connects to, though the method is limited to just one transfer at a time.


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