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Russia: Combat helicopters and Sukhoi jets wow crowds at Aviadarts 2016

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The video shows Russian planes and helicopters performing a variety of impressive acrobatics, formations and displays of skill and firepower at the Aviamix airshow at Aviadarts in Crimea, specifically at the Russian Chauda military training grounds close to Feodasia. These included controlled target bombing, sea target practice, ground drills and synchronized flying.

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About Aviadarts

Aviadarts is an annual contest organized by Russia’s Defense Ministry that aims to test their pilots and make sure they are up to speed – literally and figuratively – in flight and mission strikes. It was held at three sites in Crimea this year: Chauda, Kirovskoye and Belbek airfields.

The competition features bombers, fighter jets and attack helicopters with the pilots compete in a show of marksmanship and flying abilities, while crowds of amazed spectators watch from the ground. In one show of accuracy, an aircraft weaved in and out of dozens of glowing flares and pilots released missiles at targets. Helicopters were also pictured dipping low as clouds of smoke enveloped them, while another scenario had helicopters flying nose-first, dangerously close to the ground before dipping up again. Mock cargo was also dropped to the ground. In another scene, helicopters bearing the Russian flag and the Russian air force flag flew past.

Aircraft that participated was a showcase of technology and advances in Russia’s air force power, showing just how ready Vladimir Putin is in the light of growing world threats. They included Kamov Ka 50 helicopters, Sukhoi Su 27 jet fighters, Kamov Ka-52 Alligator helicopters, Mil Mi 8 helicopters and Ilyushin Il 76s.

Commander Colonel General Viktor Bondarev of the Aerospace Forces said that they held the Aviadarts contest in Crimea as a fitting tribute, because it was where Russian aviation was born. He added that Chauda will be the first sea testing ground of Russian Aerospace Forces and is now going to be used for competitions as well as military drills.

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