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The Marauder – Ten Ton Military Vehicle

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In this video by Top Gear, Richard Hammond goes to South Africa to test the Maurader – a ten-ton, armoured, mine-protected, military vehicle that is so tough it can withstand lions and high explosives.

The Maurader was developed for peacekeeping and reconnaissance missions. It is rugged and robust, with excellent cross-country agility and speed. The vehicle can carry a crew of up to ten, including the driver and commander.

The vehicle was originally deigned to operate in built-up, urban and confined areas, as it is relatively smaller in size and weight that the Matador armored vehicle. The Maurader is available in two configurations – either 4×4 or 6×6. It has a cruising speed of around 100 to 120 kilometers per hour (62 to 75 miles per hour), and a maximum range of 700 kilometers (430 miles).

Designed to handle up to 4,500 kilogram payload, the Maurader offers outstanding flexibility in the choice of mission-specific equipment. Its payload capacity allows for fitting many defense and weapons systems, such as cannon weapon installations, missile launchers, surveillance systems, command systems, and light to medium calibre machine guns. The Maurader can be configured so that mortars can be fired from the payload platform.

The Marauder’s double-skin monocoque hull provides impressive protection against projectiles up to STANAG 4569 Level III for the crew compartment. It also offers mine protection of up to 8kg TNT anywhere under the hull, and 14kg TNT for a blast under any wheel. The Maurader has specially designed anti-blast seats to prevent injury from the extreme acceleration of a side blast of a mine blast under the hull. Day/night vision devices and extra sensors can also be fitted to provide 24/7 operability.

With great strategic mobility, the Marauder can cross all types of terrain at impressive speed. The vehicle can be airlifted (C130 and Chinook) with little preparation.

Although it is a military-spec vehicle, the Maurader is available for ordinary civilians to buy. Those who want to purchase simply need to pass a background check, and present a check for £300,000.

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