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The video from ARvids lists the top 10 attack submarines as of 2016. The narrator says that their analysis is based on the combined score of offensive weapons, stealth and some other features.

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First is the Seawolf Class from the USA. The boats of this class are the most advanced and the most expensive hunter-killer submarines in the world. These submarines were intended to restore the technological edge that the US Navy had enjoyed over the Soviets from 1945 until the mid-1980s when espionage and the CIA, along with trading practices of some US Allies somewhat eroded it. The Seawolf class is intended to seek and destroy the latest Soviet ballistic missile submarines such as the Typhoon Class and attack submarines such as the Akula Class.

Second is the Virginia Class, USA. These nuclear-powered attack submarines are a successor to the Los Angeles class. This class is designed to be a smaller, cheaper and more versatile alternative to the advanced but extremely expensive Seawolf class. A total of 30 Virginia Class nuclear submarines are planned. The Virginia class submarines is said to have a noise level equal to that of the Seawolf class.

Third is the Astute Class, United Kingdom. The first Astute Class nuclear-powered attack submarine was commissioned with the Royal Navy in 2010. So far, 7 boats are planned. These will replace the older Swiftsure Class attack submarines. These Astute boats are stealthier and carry more weapons than the Trafalgar Class.

Fourth is the Graney Class from Russia, the latest nuclear-powered attack submarine from the country. The lead boat was made in 1993 and the project was stopped due to funding. It was commissioned by the Russian Navy only in 2013. The second boat of the class was built as an improvement and there are six of the boats planned as a successor to the Akula Class.

Number five is the Sierra II Class, Russia. The expensive Sierra I and Sierra II class boats succeeded the ill-fated Alpha Class. These have titanium hulls and can operate at a great depth and provide reduced radiated noise levels as well as increased resistance to damage from torpedo attacks. Soviet titanium technology was far advanced than in the West but the costs were prohibitive.

Sixth is the improved Los Angeles Class, USA. The US Navy currently operates a total of 40 older Los Angeles Class models alongside the Virginia and Seawolf ones. The first improved Los Angeles was commissioned in 1998. These submarines are much quieter than their first generation.

Seventh is the Akula Class from Russia. In the late 1980s, the Soviet Union launched a number of Akula Class boats. This class marked a significant improvement in Soviet submarine design as they are far quieter than older submarines. Improved Akula Class boats became the first Russian submarines to be quieter than their US counterparts at the time.

Number eight is the Soryu Class, Japan. The first Soryu Class was commissioned with the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces in 2009. Unlike other nuclear-powered boats on this list, the Soryu Class submarines have diesel-electric propulsions. Japan is the only country to use this class of boat. An air-independent propulsion system allows the boats to stay submerged for longer periods without surfacing to charge. It also enhanced stealth and operational capabilities, but they lack range and endurance.

Ninth is the Ohio Class, USA. The Ohio Class submarines were originally designed to carry inter-continental ballistic missiles. However, from 2002 to 2008, the US Navy converted the four oldest submarines into cruise missile carriers.

Tenth is the Oscar II Class, Russia. The submarines are nuclear-powered cruise missiles and are the third largest submarines in terms of displacement and length. Only the Soviet Typhoon Class and the American Ohio Class are bigger. These are the largest attack submarines ever constructed and are currently among the most capable of the Russian submarines.

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