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A list of top ten cruise missiles, judged according to range, speed, warhead power, versatility, target detection systems, precision and overall design.

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AGM-84 Harpoon Block II (USA) – developed in the seventies, the Harpoon has years of reputable performance to its name, and has been widely used in naval warfare.

RBS-15 MK III (Sweden) – dubbed the most modern surface-to-surface missile system available, this has a long range and is perfect for attacking naval vessels. The RBS-15 MK III was made to operate in any condition, from underwater to land.

SOM (Turkey) – Turkey’s first long-range, high precision, autonomous missile that can effectively fire at moving land and surface targets, as well as buildings.

Naval Strike Missile (NSM) (Norway) – designed for long-range precision strikes, this NSM can be launched from any kind of ship against any kind of target, and has a flexible system and can be easily maneuvered.

BGM-109 Tomahawk (Block IV) (USA) – the most modern Tomahawk land attack cruise missile, the BGM-109 provides high accuracy, with increased flexibility and operational control. This missile can be redirected to other targets, has an increased range of 1,600 km, improved high anti-jamming GPS system and sensor that can do damage assessment

Storm Shadow/ Scalp EG (France-Italy-UK) – a long-range, air-launched missile meant to strike valuable targets such as communications hubs, ports, airbases and the like.

P-800 ONIKS (Russia) – with a range of 300 km, this missile can cary a 200 kg warhead and can cruise several meters above water surface, making it difficult to detect and stop. It can function in any weather condition.

3M-54 Kalibr (Russia) – can be used for submarines, land vehicles, commercial shipping containers and surface warships, this missile is meant for domestic use in Russia only.

YJ-18 (China) – a vertically-launched missile that is reported to have a cruise range of 180 km, the YJ-18 is one of the current threats the rest of the world should look out for.

Brahmos (India-Russia) – one of the world’s most formidable cruise missiles due to speed and accuracy, the Brahmos is ramjet-powered, has a short range and is made for supersonic anti-ship/land attack that can bomb surface targets from as low as 10 meters.

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