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Turkish Made Armored Combat Vehicles – FNSS Pars 8X8

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The video is a presentation of the powerfully built FNSS Pars 8X8, made in Turkey.

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In it, we are taken through a tour of the main features that set this armored car apart from other vehicles, and there are plenty. First, the driver’s compartments is a side by side configuration, giving the soldier better communication between the driver and commander of the vehicle.

There are situational awareness cameras, two in the front and thermal cameras, two in the front as well, with cameras on the rear. A self-recovery winch is mounted on the front. The vehicle has LED lighting, and the corners of the hull are designed to penetrate a wall.

Its large 16 R20 tires cover a lot more surface area and also the angle of the tire on the ground is much better. It has been equipped with air spring suspension, giving it the capability to change ride height conditions, from as low as 12 centimeters and as high as 50 centimeters of ground clearance. It is also possible to adjust the vehicle’s attitude on a side slope to provide a more comfortable ride for the soldiers.

There is an auxiliary power unit which provides power for electrical systems without the main engine running. On the back, 40% height of the ramp can be opened by soldiers, with an overhead protection. Then if the situation is safe, they can open the other section and egress the vehicle.

Inside, there is a display in the squad area so soldiers in the back are aware of what’s going on via the cameras. The driver’s area is roomy and comfortable, with a panel of screens showing everything that’s happening. There are three fuel tanks for a total of 600 liters of fuel for 700 km of cruising range. Aeroscopes provide a high level of protection on the driver’s side, creating good situational awareness and more than 180 degrees visibility.

Another excellent special interesting feature is the capability to go from left-hand to right-hand drive in five seconds, so driving in different countries is not a problem. The last part of the video is a demonstration of the suspension of the air springs, with the vehicle being raised and lowered to its minimum and maximum heights. It can go higher than 50 cm if adjusted manually, but that’s the maximum for automatic driver function.

Overall, the vehicle is a great, solid piece, and looks able to provide the best in safety and combat readiness.


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