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Vapor Motor by Savage Rhymes

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The video is a quick, close-up look at a vapor engine running inside what appears to be a car. The caption on the video reads that it is by Savage Rhymes.

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A vapor engine is a system that is based on vaporizing fuel and heating air, mixing both before they enter the cylinder for combustion. When properly managed, this vaporization and heating process causes thermal expansion that dilutes both the fuel and air mixture without changing the ratio. This allows the catalytic converter to work and produce environmentally-acceptable emissions, including oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) can then be used in lesser quantities with the vapor system to finish the dilution process and balance the power required for normal driving.

The vaporization and heating process, along with EGR, improves combustion by increasing flame speed and creating the right conditions for a chain reaction auto ignition. The combustion that results is shorter and more efficient, since it occurs mainly close to the optimal crank angle of the engine. This means that a vapor engine system uses less fuel yet is able to provide the same amount of power needed in all normal driving conditions.

Vapor systems are currently being studied for wider applications. If properly harnessed, this can be adapted to the vast majority of motor vehicles and the cost of installing this new technology is estimated to cost less than a hundred dollars.

Innovators and scientists have long been finding a way to make better, fuel-efficient engines, given the limited resources the planet has and the negative environmental impact traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles have. The electric car and hybrid cars have been the fruit of such ventures. With this new vapor system, it is hoped that it can likewise help contribute to the growing need for more sustainable, eco-friendly engines without compromising on power, speed and overall performance.

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