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World’s First Rideable Hoverbike in Flight / Hoversurf Scorpion 3

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DanDan the Fireman presents an awe-inspiring invention: the world’s first hoverbike that a person can actually ride.

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Called the Scorpion 3 by Hoversurf Inc., this is like a quadcopter motorcycle is a “single seat aircraft that rediscovers the art of flying and hovering, enabling a hi-tech quadcopter-based solution. It’s a unique, electric-powered vessel combining a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology bringing speed, agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators.”

Dan says that first of all, riding a motorcycle already requires a learning curve, and a license to drive. To fly a quadcopter, he had to register with the FCC, do plenty of paperwork – in short, it’s not easy to fly these things. In addition, Dan says maneuvering a quadcopter is not as easy as it looks, as there are plenty of things to know and to keep in mind. He has actually flown his quadcopter into his hand, and cut his hand pretty badly.

In the demo, a man gets on the Scorpion 3, presses some buttons and begins to move forward. He then lifts into the air steadily until he is almost as high as the roof, staying in the air for a few seconds before descending. The rider is also able to make small leaps forward, but has to touch down every so often.

Dan notes that on the Scorpion 3, the blades are pretty huge, and look like they were made out of wood. He says hopefully there are safety measures in place, but these blades would do some serious bodily harm if they hit.

Hoversurf says they built the Scorpion as an “airborne version of an adventure bike,” and is interested in “producing similar platforms for use as air taxis, delivery vehicles, terrain reconnaissance, geological exploration, and rescue/evacuation operations.” Also on their list are cargo drones, which can lift up to 500 lbs.

Here’s to hoping the company makes all these happen.

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