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ISIS getting killed day by day by Kurdish Snipers [+18]

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This is some pretty graphic warzone footage provided to us by WarzoneTV Official. DISCLAIMER: you shouldn’t watch this in the presence of kids or anyone particularly squeamish. The footage shows rebels being killed by snipers from the Kurdish Army. A week’s worth of military action take place throughout the video footage.

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As explained by the narrator detailing the course of the battle, ISIS had openly bragged that thousands of their supporters and fighters were among the refugees who had recently fled to Europe. Kurdish snipers watched and waited for the ISIS fighters to cross enemy lines. While some surrender, plenty of ISIS rebels were still actively fighting for access to a single road that would allow access into Kurdish territory. While many of the vehicles approaching were not a treat, every precaution were taken by the Kurds in order to avoid another ISIS bred catastrophe.

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